You chewed up my shoes, you little brat.

You ate my cellphone, you tortured the cat.

You killed my glasses, you peed in my car.

You chewed up my cables, you angered me by far.

You stole a few burgers, when dinner was made.

Then on the couch, you threw up where you laid.

You brought fleas in my house, how i itch like mad.

You just stood and watched, you thought i was glad.

Yet even though you have made me mad, due to you,

i never get sad.

You lick my hand when i feel down.

You make a smile, out of my frown.

Despite what you`ve done, and all the things you chew.

You will know in your heart, i will always love u... <3

        A dog`s soul

Every dog must have a soul, somewhere deep inside.

Where all his hurts and grievances are buried With his pride.

Where he decides the good and bad, the wrong way from the right, and where his judgement carefully is hidden from Our sight.

A dog must have a Secret place, where every thought abides, a sort of Close aquaintance that he trusts in and confides.

And when accused unjustly for himself, he cannot speak,

rebuked, he finds within his soul, the Comfort he must seek.

He`ll love, tho he`s unloved, and he`ll serve, tho badly used,

And one kind Word will wipe away, the times when he`s abused.

Altho his heart may break in two,he`s love will still be hole,

Because god gave to every dog, An understanding soul! <3 <3

                  Toxaris Yassassin

Sire: NO Se uCH Nv-23 NVJ-23 Toxaris Purple Rain

dam: RL1 Toxaris Violet Hill

      Født: 05.02.2023

Ronnie hadde vi solgt som valp, men kjøpte tilbake når han var 11 mnd gammel og måtte omplasseres. Bor hjemme med oss og resten av flokken.


Norge: 1 

CK: 1

1 BHK: 1


BIR: 1

Sverige: 2

CK: 2

1 BHK: 2

BIR: 2


Jr cacib: 1

Best in show junior: 1

Piteå Nationale 26.05-24 dommer: Morgan Granander

1 junior, CK, BIR junior, CERT, 1 BHK, BIR


15 mnd fin unghane, bra huvud, korrekt bett, fina öron, bra front, harmoniskt vinklad, utmerked päls, bra överlinje i rörelse, rör sig väl

Boden int 25.05-24 dommer: Anna-Lena Rylander

1 junior, cK, JR Cacib, 1 BHK, CERT, BIR

shortlisted 6 beste i gruppefinalen

Härlig kraftfull juniorhane, vackert huvud och uttryck, korrekt bett,med breda käkar, utmärkt haka, fina välformade ögon, välplacerade och burna öron, välvinklad fram ock bak, rör sig väl, välpresenterad

Nordkjosbotn NMHK 7/4-23 Dommer: Inga Siil


14 months old, masculine, ex in type and size, ex head and typical expression, strong muzzle, ex ears, ex bone and substance, ex body for age, well angulated, a bit short croup and high tail carriage, couls have better topline on the move, ex temp and movements